Every dog has something special that they like to do a lot. For some dogs, it’s running after a tennis ball or perhaps catching some air to grip on tight to a frisbee. Sometimes your dog may be like velcro, wanting to be tucked up close to you. Or maybe they are happiest when they are helping on a ranch or farm using their herding abilities or guarding the flock. While hunting dogs are happiest running in the fields or swimming in the water to fetch their owner’s prize catch.

Janes Love
Jane’s Momma found out early on that they had something in common. Both Jane her mom love the water. It could be frolicking in the water in downtown Gig Harbor. Or splashing around on one of the beaches of The Sound. Drives to the Pacific Ocean are fun too.

On this particular trip to spend time with Jane and her family, we all took a drive to Point Robinson on Vashon Island so that all of them could spend some time on the beach and by the water. She would stay in the water for hours if she could, chasing her tennis ball, submerging her nose in the ripples of the blue water just to see if she could find the rock that was thrown. Sometimes she would be successful and other times it would be fun to just run and splash in the water.

Soaking Wet
It doesn’t matter how soaked her beautiful coat of black, marble and tan would get. She’d just shake it out and hop back to adventure some more!

Pure Happiness
Do you have a dog that finds pure happiness in something special? Does she look at you with a sparkle in her eye as if to say, “This is my happy place”? Moments of your dog in his happy place are treasures to keep. Let’s talk so we can make them come to life!

I am part of a weekly blog circle of pet photographers that goes around the world. This week’s topic is “happiness” and I enjoyed photographing Jane in her true happiness in the waters of the Pacific Northwest. Next up in the circle is Terri of Terri J Photography is happy to be photographing your dogs in the Toronto area.