Living Near A Reservoir

I have lived near the Green Lane Reservoir for 30 years.  Yes, 30 years!  It was 15 years ago that I ventured out on the trail with my now senior girl when she was only a year old. It was on these trails that I learned how to photograph her as she ran and jumped to her hearts content.  And I learned about the different terrains and trails around the reservoir.  If one was to be adventurous and walk all the way around, it would be approximately 11 to 12 miles. There are many areas to the Green Lane Park and Green Lane Reservoir.  The main area, Green Lane Park, has several parking lots, two playgrounds, a tennis court and a camp ground!  The orange trail is on the southern edge of Green Lane Park’s main area, which has it’s own parking lot.  This parking lot is just a jaunt away from connecting to The Perkiomen Trail (which will take you almost all the way into Valley Forge Park).  

 But it is on the trails around the actual reservoir where I like to spend my daily walks.

The Blue Trail

On the southern side it is mostly rocky and hilly and labeled as the blue trail.  You can take the “high road” which meanders up through woods and over small feeder streams.  Or perhaps you would like to stay on the “low road” taking you alongside the reservoir’s edge.  You will still have to go up “Ski Slope Hill” and back down the other side though.  

The Red Trail

The Red Trail is on the northern side of this basin of water.  This trail has lots of off-shoot trails taking you through woods and once in a while over fallen trees.  


And on other parts of this trail, you will adventure through mowed fields.  This is the side of the reservoir that has become my favorite place to trail walk.  There are so many off-shoot trails that wind you through wooded areas and back into open fields.  

There are several more areas within the Green Lane Park/Green Lane Reservoir system that have fun trails, places to rent electric motor boats and kayaks, docks and lots of wildlife.  Check out Best Trails in Green Lane Reservoir to begin your own adventure!

Trails and Photography

There are many areas along the Red Trail that give your dog’s photo session beautiful backdrop.  


I am part of a pet photographers blogging group from around the world.  Walk on over to Nancy from Nancy Kieffer Photography shares some local trails to walk your dog in Syracuse.  Make sure you continue all the way around the globe-walking pet photographers to read everyone’s favorite places to hike or walk.