There is so much more that happens in your photo session than some of the posed shots I ask of your pet and sometimes you.  I try to keep a constant on your pet when you think I am just sitting there while your pet relaxes and we are having some fun.  My camera allows me the ability to do that because of the rear LCD touchscreen that allows me to see what the camera is seeing.   This gives me the capability to just keep engaging your pet all while keeping my eye on the camera.  

In the photo above, Ella was loving on Hank but very bashful towards me.  But I played along with it and kept talking with her Dad and Mom.  Little did she know that my finger was on the shutter button the whole time and this was one of those shots that tell of a little girls love for her dog.

  And her Dad was oblivious to my camera but not Hank!  He was keeping an eye on me at this point.  These two pictures are very sweet, loving pictures.  They tell me that this is their relationship in the home~lots of hugs and love for each other.

Let’s take a look at a couple of pictures of pets other than dogs.  Personalities and relationships seem to come out when I least expect it so always clicking away is so worth it when I am able to share with you, my client.  Buddy thought it was necessary to show Leah his teeth up close and personal.  Or maybe he wanted to give her a great big smooch!  This is Leah’s relationship with all of her horses and dogs.  Fun.  Laughter.  And lots of love. 

When it comes to photographing most cats, I need to just sit and be present.  And when I am, I get to see the true, playful personality.  This is Simba the Savannah cat.  He lives with his Dad and brother, Peanut.  But Simba is all about play when he thinks “company” is not watching him.  Mike leaves empty Mountain Dew  boxes out for him to play in.  What fun, fun pictures of him “hiding” in one of the boxes.   

When you and I and your pet are together, remember that I am always “ready at the helm” to photograph those funny or loving pictures and even a blooper or two!

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