Loving our dog begins from the day you bring him home into your family.  You raise them, train them, and talk to him like he is one of your kids.  He is your companion who would accompany you in your travels anywhere, even if you are driving two miles away and coming right back home. He loves you to pieces and enjoys taking selfies with you.  (I truly get it because my dog and I are the same way.)  You want the world around you to know who your fur baby is.  So you set out and take pictures with your phone and hopefully a professional photo session and investing in some beautiful wall art.  And thus begins years of a bond and relationship that is special.  

It is years later that you begin to notice changes in her.  Her gate slows, her muzzle becomes whiter and she sleeps more than she chases those squirrels in the backyard.  And hopefully you realize how important those “senior” portraits are to have.  


The Importance of Remembering

A few months ago I had to make the decision to say goodbye to my heart dog, so I understand the importance of remembering.  She meant the world to me and we had a very special bond as a therapy dog team.  I am really glad that I have images of her beautiful sugar face.  They will always stay with me when I share her story.  Seeing her pictures bring me joy and peace when I look at them.                I love seeing Stella sitting in my reading chair all snug as a bug.  And it reminds me of the many times I would come home and find her nestled in this chair snoozing the day away.  

I feel honored and privileged when a client contacts me to photograph their senior dog or perhaps their dog whose life will be cut short by a disease.  It’s a time to slow down and let the senior dog take the lead and show off their wisdom and dignity in spite of their slow walk or eyes that can’t see quite so well.  Let’s show off that beautiful sugar face to the world around you that your dog has loved you all these years.      I will capture that bond that is tight between you and he and the everlasting love that lasts your lifetime. 


Don’t let time slip by without creating beautiful portraits of your dog.  

I am part of a pet photographers circle.  Up next is Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography talks about the importance of photographing your senior or terminally ill pet, creating memories to last a lifetime.