Every southeastern Pennsylvania winter is different.  Sometimes you have a rainy winter and sometimes you have a snowy winter.  And the same goes for the sunshine.  I am not one who deals with SAD but I must admit that grey dreary winters can get to me by mid-February.  I get antsy for warmer weather where I can be outside and clear my head.  But this winter, mainly February, has been different.  It has snowed so much in the month of February that I have snowshoed almost every day that month while Pippin, my high energy girl, gets to run.  Being outside in the fresh air is so good for my soul and my mental wellbeing.  And it is no different for a dog.  Most dogs love the snow.  They love to roll around in it; lay in it and play in it. Especially when there is a certain green frisbee involved.  What action loving dog can resist running around in the snow chasing their favorite toy over and over, again and again?  

With near 60* weather on the horizon this week, I have hung the snowshoes back up and laced up the hiking boots once again. Perhaps we’ll get that PA Dutch so called “onion snow” soon?