I enjoy photographing dogs in their natural element and just being a dog.  But for so many, they cannot be off leash.  Their people wonder how well that photograph will look.  And some will enjoy a picture with the leash in because they don’t know there are ways to get around that in a picture that is delivered to my client.  

Types of Leashes 

Some people like to have a leash that matches their dog’s collar.  What a beautiful ensemble it is.  They usually come in 3′ or 4′ lengths; but not much of a length to give the owner a bit of a distance from their dog.  It doesn’t give me the opportunity to showcase their dog doing the things they love to do.  Some might think a flexi leash would be great for their dog to be on.  They are thin.  They are long.  But gosh, have you seen how big that handle is on them?  It will overpower any person’s hand in a picture in a New York City second!  And I’m not going to mention the rope burn one can receive from it.  Oh wait, I just did!  Leather leashes are my favorite to own.  I love the softness of broken in leather.  However, buying a long leather leash can be pricey and quite bulky to gather up into one’s hand if it’s really long.  

The Perfect Leash

I found the perfect leash for my client’s dog a few years ago.  The leash is made of a biothane material.  It feels like leather.  It looks like black leather.  And, it comes in 20′ and 30′ lengths.  This length is perfect for helping your dog feel less restricted and allowing your dog to be able to run around.  Can you see the difference in these pictures?  Sunny had a blast learning to romp around in the creek all why be safely attached to her Momma.  


And check out Millie the gorgeous model.  She’s still a young girl and needed to be on a leash at the train station.  I asked her Daddio to hold the leash up high and and stand as far back as possible.  This kept the leash off of her beautiful fur.



The picture on the left shows how much Jane loves to run and play and fetch in the water.  But she is not able to be off leash so she is on a long leash.  The picture on the right is the final image her favorite person received.

This biothane leash is really good for dogs who love to swim since it repels the water and you’re not having to hold a soggy canvas leash.  And, a longer leash is fun for dogs to get their zoomies out allowing them to have that extra length to just run.  I purchased mine from J&J Dog Supplies but can be found on several other dog supply websites.  

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