The Beauty of Green Lane Park and Green Lane Reservoir

I must admit, I love where I live.  It’s close to Green Lane Park and the trails around The Green Lane Reservoir.  Over the years, I have found a few places on some of the more secluded trails.  It isn’t that far of a walk; but it is worth it.  I enjoy the off shoot trails on the Red Trail around the Green Lane Reservoir.  

  On one particular part of the Red Trail, the trails wind through wooded areas, back into the open only to take you back through a piney portion of the trail.  It is there on the trail that you can see pine needles that glisten gold hues when the sun is spilling through the branches of the tall trees above the trail.   This is a setting I am fond of photographing your athletic dog.   

Green Lane Park

In the heart of the Green Lane Park, you will find big rocks, water with sandy beaches, bridges, more water, water falls and lots of trees lining paths winding through the woods and along the creek.  But the dock on Deep Creek Lake is always a favorite for clients.  Your dog will be the highlight of your photo gallery.  The stillness of the lake in Green Lane Park showcases the reflection of the trees surrounding the lake, especially in October when the leaves come to life with color. 

 There are so many more secluded, photographic places along the trails at Green Lane Park and around the Green Lane Reservoir for the perfect photo session for your dog.  

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