Tammy is a compassionate lover of animals. She has raised dogs, cats, bunnies, and horses; and believes that every pet and human has a story to tell. Her unique story of adopting Stella, Cattle Dog mix, and a 10-year commitment to helping children read with therapy dogs, awakened her to the healing power and beauty of pets. She and Stella have assisted physical therapists, made frequent visits to assisted living facilities, and worked with the R.E.A.D. program in the elementary school before retiring her in June, 2019. Pippin, a Cattle Dog mix as well, has strengthened Tammy’s dog training knowledge along with teaching her to live life in the moment with her silly antics.

Tammy lives with her husband Jeff, Stella and Pippin. She combines her experiencing of raising two daughters and her understanding of how to use her photography skills to capture the special relationships and gifts between pets and humans of all ages. Whether your pet delights your family or has special professional gifts, she will help you tell your story through photos. Contact Tammy Snyder to help you capture and make a lasting memory of the unique story between you and your beloved pet.