We have talked about about your lovable pet; the kind of artwork you are wanting for your home and the location for the session.  This is when the fun begins as we create beautiful photographs of your dog.  

When you arrive at the desired location, I greet you briefly but turn my attention to dog.  I like to get down on the ground where I can be on their level (as long as he is not nervous).  This gives him the opportunity to get to know me better.  I leave my camera near me so that he sees it and can become aware of it and not be afraid of that one-eyed monster that might be intimidating at first to him.  But don’t be concerned about that at all.  I always take it slow and steady; watching his body language to make sure that he is comfortable so that together we can capture his personality.  

    No matter the season,  we will spend time in many parts of the setting photographing your dog.  And if you have more than one dog, sometimes each dog separately or sometimes with you.  I like to have you handle your dog and hold on to the leash.  I will give your instructions on how to hold the leash or perhaps how to hide the leash if you are in the picture with her.  Perhaps you’ll need to run around with her so that I can photograph the beauty of her running, leaping and having some fun.  But leave the attention grabbing sounds to me as I come with a little arsenal of things and sounds!

Your session can last between an hour to an hour and a half.  A portion of that time might be spent walking around, especially if we are on some hiking trails around the Green Lane Reservoir or Lake Nockamixon.  No worries though, I am there to give you and your dog the time it takes to create beautiful, lasting photographs.

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I believe that every dog and their people have a story to tell. And I believe that their story needs to be told through photographs.