When the sun begins to shine that gorgeous golden-hour light you probably catch yourself looking at it and admiring those lingering sun flares.  Those sun flares are gorgeous no matter the time of year.  They cast a glimmer of an orangey glow on the fur of your pup.  

Edison Amongst the Rudebeckias


Dancing In The Golden Sunlight

As the sun shines through the clouds they add an even more intense meaning to the golden-hour.  I like to capture that in your photographs whenever possible.   Sometimes you might even find that all the gorgeousness that the sunlight brings makes you want to dance with your pup.  

And if we should find ourselves lingering on the beach because we can’t get enough of the light, a silhouette is a must!  

Jane and her Momma


Winter’s Golden Light

Catching that beautiful golden-hour isn’t limited to spring through summer.  Winter skies have some amazing light that needs to be photographed with your cold-weather lovin’ pooch!

Kiara & Cooper love the snow


So no matter the time of year, let’s meet up under that magical sky full of beautiful, glistening golden light.

Follow the light around the world for other go-to times of day that fellow pet photographers love.  Let’s start here with Darlene Woodward owner of Pant the Town Photography creating magical portraits in New England bright and early.