We all would agree that every puppy, mixed breed or pure breed, are undeniably cute and adorable. Who doesn’t gush over sweet puppy breath, pink paw pads, velvety ears and a smile on their face and a skip in their step? It is these very things that make our heart want to rush into bringing one home. I’d like to give you a short list of some things to do after you bring that playful bundle of joy home.

Socialize Your Puppy
It’s important to socialize your new puppy to not only other dogs (after they are fully vaccinated) as well as socializing them to various situations. Big box hardware stores welcome puppies into the store with treats and love. Your newest family member might wonder what all the fuss is about but soon recognize it’s a great place to visit in the midst of noises, beeps and lots of little and big people. Be careful to not expose them at a young age to loud noises like a carnival, a parade or loud parties. Keep the socialization on a low-key level and in an environment where you can control the intensity of what she is exposed to. If she becomes afraid in a certain situation, move away from it and let her watch from a good distance, giving her lots of positive reinforcement with treats and positive verbal affirmation.

Condition Your Puppy to Enjoy Car Rides
Taking your puppy with you in the car is a lot of fun. It gives him new things and people to see and new sounds to experience. It is always best to purchase a dog seatbelt for him to ensure that he stays put on that back seat should you have to slam on your brakes or something worse. Begin by taking him for short rides to make sure he adapts well to the motion. If he should get sick the first time out, don’t force him into liking a car ride. Instead, sit in your car with him without the motor running and give him positive words and treats. Gradually building on this to having the car running but not moving; again, using positive words and treats. You will help him build trust in a car and eventually get to the point of enjoying adventures together!

Building Your Puppy’s Trust
This is very important along with socializing your puppy. Give her your full attention when you are with her; being certain that your words are always kind and positive and your hands are gentle on her body. Playing games with her can be fun and help reinforce some of the commands and manners you are already teaching her. As she grows, hide-n-seek is a fun game to play, either indoors or outdoors, to solidify her recall. When it’s time for some down time, lay on the floor with her and give her a gentle massage on her muscles. And lastly, you are your dog’s advocate. (Some wise words given to me 14 years ago by my R.E.A.D.ing mentor, now friend, Helene.) Your girl cannot speak for herself, but trusts that you will. If your instincts are telling you that a certain way is wrong for your pup, listen and find the right fit.

This is only a small list of things to consider when bringing home your new puppy. But they are important and I feel they are the ones that build a strong bond between you and your new best friend.

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