Arabelle, or Ara as Kristina fondly calls her, is a beautiful 5 year old Boxer Mix. She was adopted just before Valentine’s Day, 2011, the perfect gift Kristina could give a sweet puppy looking for her furever home.

Arabelle, thank you for showing us how much fun it is to roll around in fresh spring grass with the sun shining on your belly!

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye

Recently Mercy had to make the tough decision to say “goodbye” to her beautiful husky/wolf mix, Bindhi. She found her forever home when Mercy was 19 years old and experienced “love at first sight”. Her independent spirit and quiet demeanor was the perfect match for these two.

Her sweet, gentle spirit came shining through the most when she gained a Dad and eventually kids added to the family. Bindhi your family will forever remember the love you gave them through the years.

Pudge & Sophie

This beautiful, long-haired Rottweiler, found his forever home when he was two years old. Pudge shows his love and thankfulness to his Momma, Donna, with lots of kisses and cuddles.

Pudge’s well-balanced nature helps keep his spunky sister, Sophie in line.

Not only did Sophie win over Pudge, but she stole Alex’s heart from the beginning and cuddled next to him is where she loves to be.

Pudge & Sophie, I loved photographing both of you with your people. Your family bubbles over with love for your sweet rescues.


Jimmie is one of the original horses to give MT Ranch its start. He is the kind of horse that is a perfect start for someone~gentle and kind with just enough spunk to keep her on her toes at times. This beautiful paint could be soothed to sleep by the sweet whispers from Terri, whip up a sea of waves in the creek to soak the rider or take a child for a slow walk around the property.