Everyone loves their dog with all of their beauty and cuteness and silliness and quirks.  And some of us (I have to include myself in this group) have to deal with a reactive dog.  I must admit that it is not always fun when Pippin just can’t get beyond the reactivity and love other dogs.  Yes, she has a BFF but that’s as far as it goes, for now.  If you have a reactive dog, you know how it goes.  You pull into this really cute park or just want to walk in town with your dog but they just can’t hold it together.  They loose their minds when they see other dogs.  And I’m sure that has you wondering if you could ever have your dog professionally photographed.   

I have some exciting news for you, you can!   We will go to a quiet place.  A more secluded place where your dog can relax and be themselves without interruptions of seeing another dog.  Or become anxious because there are too many people around.

   Meet Arabelle.  Besides dog reactivity, she is also people reactive.  I am thankful for my “long lens”, a 70mm – 200mm lens .  This lens gives me the ability to photograph her or any reactive dog from a distance.  Reactive dogs must be kept on a leash the entire time.  Leashes do get edited out of the final photograph.  My goal is to keep your dog safe and hopefully get to the point where she can relax.  As you can see in this picture, Arabelle sure did relax.    Capturing these types of photographs are special.  They tell the story of who she is around her people. 


Some of my most favorite places to go are the secluded hiking trails around the Green Lane Reservoir.  It’s quiet, off the beaten path and away from all the activity. This helps your dog be relaxed as well.  

In the early morning hours or late afternoon sun there is gorgeous light streaming through the trees onto the path and spilling over onto the your dog.      

Let’s plan your reactive dog’s photo session together.  Let’s keep him safe.  And let’s have a fun time!

This blog is part of a circle of professional pet photographers from around the world and we are sharing about photo sessions for reactive dogs.  

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