Every dog is unique and has so many wonderful qualities and traits to photograph.  I love to incorporate his personality into the session based on them.  Not only their qualities and traits get photographed, but let’s face it, it’s their personality I am after in many shots.  I want you to have those special shots that will always take you back to that cute little nose or those furry little paws or playing with his favorite toy and so on and so on.  When we are at your outdoor session, I have a mental list (well, sometimes I have my notes on my phone) of the take-away shots for your dog and those take-away shots of your dog and you, his favorite person.  I always ask you what your favorite things are about your dog and they will go on my list as well.  If it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

Lets take a look at three of my favorite take-away shots.  

TAKE-AWAY SHOT #1 – Personality

Does he have big floppy ears that like to blow in the wind when he runs around?  Lets get that shot.

Or perhaps he has a very inquisitive look at times when you are talking with him.  Lets get that shot too!

TAKE-AWAY SHOT #2 – Close Ups

Her paws that remind you of all the places you have been together~walks, swimming, car rides, hiking, playing in the snow or lying on your favorite chair.  Lets get that shot.


Your dog may be a senior and her face has lost its colorful luster and traded it in for a sweet sugar face.  Lets get that shot of them aging gracefully, full of knowledge and wisdom that the years of being by your side and being your best friend has given them.


TAKE-AWAY SHOT #3 – Action

Perhaps your dog is active and loves to run around or even swim.  She’ll do anything, anything to have a good run after that crazy yellow tennis ball or leap into the air to catch her blue frisbee.  She twists and turns, eyes always following the prize just to be able to leap into the air.  No matter what the weather is she loves to play.  Lets get that action shot.

The beach might be where she finds her action.  It tells of her love for the water and the beach.   Lets get that shot in the gallery as well!



TAKE-AWAY SHOT #4 – Connection

You know that connection.  The one that says he loves you and you love him.  The special way he looks at you and the way that you hug and kiss him.  It’s love and you know it is.  After all, he is your heart.  Lets get that connection shot!




Although these are four take-away shots that I like to photograph and add to your wall art or in a photo album, each and every photograph of your dog is special.  Each one tells the story of who they are and of that special bond you have with her.  I enjoy photographing dogs and the people they love.  Every love story needs to be told and needs to be remembered.  Contact Tammy Snyder Photography to get these four must-have shots and more.  

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